Professional services

‘Management is style.
Management is discipline.
But management is also people’
Austrian-american management guru

Antonio Bonetti

Antonio Bonetti

Teaching and Training Activities

  • European policies, EU budget and  EU funds;
  • Design and evaluation of regional development programmes co-funded by the Structural Funds.
  • Business models and funding models for non-profit organisations.
  • Impact finance.



Research Activities

  • Third sector, employment and reforms of Welfare State in Europe;
  • European policies and funds;
  • Institutional decentralisation and EU Multi-Level Governance.
  • Business models, funding models and fundraising.

As proof of my involvement in several research projects regarding the EU, the EU’s regional policies, the particular system of governance adopted by the EU, named “multi level governance”, you can download a short presentation in PDF My main publications of my main publications.

Advisory services

  • Strategic and business planning for companies and NGOs.
  • Start-up of innovative new businesses and enterprise development.
  • Formulation of projects both for Local Authorities and NGOs.
  • Formulation of local development plans.
  • Selection of appropriate type of finance for companies and fund raising for projects and NGOs.
  • Formulation, management and evaluation of programmes co-financed by EU structural funds.
  • Capacity building and strengthening of government institutions.
  • Professional support to Public Administration for the establishment of sound financial management and internal control systems for the implementation of EU funds.