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European Cooperation Day. Celebrating Interreg

LED 1 - Post 22 aprile 2015

This post presents the 2nd strategic objective of the EU cohesion policy (European Territorial Cooperation) and the event ‘European Cooperation Day’ scheduled on 21 September 2016, with a view to celebrating European Territorial Cooperation programmes and boosting exchange of innovative ideas and new partnerships.

Bean counters, predators … and social start ups in the financial industry


Fortunately, in Italy – and Europe at large – there is an increasing attention to social innovation, social startuppers and even the design and execution of new financial instruments aimed at providing nonprofit organisations and Public Administration with new sources of finance (Impact Investing).
Italian Government should incentivise social finance and new social startups in the financial industry to ensure access to capital for social innovators

Changing Europe for the Better: the Role of Social Entrepreneurship

The most important European initiative to support social entrepreneurs is the Social Business Initiative (SBI). The aim of the SBI is to boost both the debate over innovative ways of doing business and public interventions that best suit the purpose of creating a favourable eco-system for social enterprises. It is structured in three overarching objectives and 11 key actions.