In every wise struggle for human betterment one of the main object,
often the only object, has been to achieve equality of opportunity

Theodore ROOSEVELT, American politician,
winner of the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize


The acronym SFERA stands for:

  • SF – Social Finance
  • E – Ethics
  • R – Reforms
  • A – Accountability of public policies

In Italian, the term SFERA PUBBLICA indicates, by and large, the boundaries of public intervention in the economy.
These boundaries change over time. Moreover, they are flexible, due to “public” actions carried out by communities, associations, foundations, NGOs, and increasingly the same for profit companies.
This means that my personal project research covers the debate over public intervention in the economy, the renewal of objectives, actors and features of social policies and new financial instruments (and new forms of Public Private Partnership) to support public policies.

Shared knowledge

Sfera Pubblica 2.0 – Shared knowledge


Regardless of the “institutional” features of “SFERA PUBBLICA” (e.g. institutional framework, decentralization of public powers, organisations that are involved in the provision of collective services, etc.) the purposes of this personal research project are:

  • to discuss new ideas and new trends about public intervention in the economy, from the European jurisdictional level to the local one;
  • to propose my personal view about reforms in public policies, taking into consideration the decision-making process and the administrative procedures as well.