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Welcome to my website/blog

When we see the earth from space,
we see ourselves as a whole,
we see the unity not the divisions.
It is such a simple image with a compelling message:
Stephen HAWKING – British Scientist

My personal website/blog is aimed at:

  1. presenting my professional background and my main areas of expertise (see “About me” and “Professional services”). This is why many posts will deal with methodological approaches, techniques and ideas that are part of my expertise. Accordingly, I see blogging as part of my professional pathway;
  2. promoting an open debate over some reforms that western societies should undertake in order to re-launch economic development and ensure decent lives to everybody.

My blog is based on my personal think tank Funds for Reforms Lab (F4R Lab).

My professional lab: Funds for Reforms Lab

In every wise struggle for human betterment
one of the main object,
often the only object,
has been to achieve equality of opportunity
Theodore ROOSEVELT, American politician,
winner of the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize


I have been working on F4R Lab as of September 2013, when I started my blog.
Since then, I have been re-formulating its backgrounds and features on the basis of new knowledge, reactions to posts and ideas proposed by blogging, and new professional experiences.
By now, F4R Lab is a professional project/start-up well shaped .

Generally speaking, my blog is aimed at presenting my ideas about reforms heading for ensuring decent lives to everybody and my view on methodological approaches to formulating and funding projects.
Accordingly, I propose and share ideas mainly about reforms, social innovation, innovative business models and development projects. At the same time, I am aware about the simple idea that reforms and innovative projects need money. As a result, I also deal with topics such as public funds for reforms and public finance management, social and impact finance, project finance and fundraising.

F4R Lab is an innovative start-up (according to the definition proposed in the Italian legislative framework for start-ups), with the following Vision:
A world where innovation and public policies are aimed at enhancing people’s access to food, civil rights and economic opportunities in order to live decently.’

For the time being, it is ‘located’ on my blog, built up as an open platform aimed at presenting and sharing ideas, new business models, innovative projects and, last but not least, innovative financing tools with the potential for building inclusive models for economic and social development.
My goal over the next 12-18 months is to work out its business model and get sound funding in order to set up it as a small consultancy focused on research projects and advisory services mainly intended for non-profit organizations and social businesses.

For the meanwhile, I keep advising on EU Funds, Local Development Strategies, business models and business planning, project management (see ‘Professional services’). Accordingly, you can regard F4R Lab as my professional brand.

Within Funds for Reforms Lab (F4R Lab), the debate over (innovative) reforms and (innovative) funds will be sustained by my on-going research projects:

Currently, I am very keen on these research topics.

I consider these research projects key to the improvement of my professional skills.

I have carefully selected these research areas with the aim of writing – for each of them – new posts regularly.
The regular elaboration of new posts will be accompanied by the elaboration of longer Papers and Guidelines, which will be uploaded in the PDF format.