Month: February 2014

Earned Value Management at a glance

The article deals with Earned Value Management (EVM), a tool widely used when controlling progress and quality of projects. Earned Value Management equips managers with a sound methodology aimed at integrating the ongoing monitoring of project scope, schedule and inputs. Furthermore, it ca be used for forecasting: (i) Delays that could be detrimental to completing work to be done before the established deadline; (ii) Risks of exceeding the budget constraint.

Is SWOT analysis a valuable tool for formulating local development strategies still today?

SWOT Matrix

The SWOT analysis is a tool widely used when formulating both strategic plans for companies and local development plans.
Having acknowledged the importance of this tool when formulating territorial strategies, this short article addresses the following question: “ against the current fast-changing world, is SWOT analysis a valuable analytical tool for setting up territorial strategies still today? ”